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The French bonbon is literally "good good," from what a child might say when they see some candy! Das Budget is the same word "budget" in French and English as well, though the French and German both render the T silent. Captions , Unterwegs mit Cettina - auf dem Bruchsaler Weihnachtsmarkt. The German der Ingenieur provides another fairly rare example of the soft G pronunciation in German. Further Learning As a general rule, French words found in German are spelled the same, or nearly the same, as the French words found in English, but are pronounced in a German manner and written according to German grammatical rules—with nouns capitalized, for example.

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If you learn to recognize words in your native English as having a French origin, there is even a fair chance that these words are used in German. All the better if you happen to speak some French already! Caption 33, Berlin - Hauptstadt des vereinten Deutschland. Here das Parlament is spelled slightly differently from the French parlement and English "parliament. Caption 40, Berufsleben - Probleme mit Mitarbeitern - Part 1.

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Die Massage is the same noun in all three languages, though in German the verb is massieren. Next week we will discuss some more German words that originated from the French and have similar English equivalents. To create the "either Caption 20, Berufsleben - Probleme mit Mitarbeitern - Part 1. No one takes into account that a cyclist will be riding on the sidewalk, neither pedestrians nor auto drivers.

This is a fancy way of saying "both Caption 15, Lokalhelden - Art House - Part 1. Besprechen means "to talk about" or "to discuss," whereas versprechen means "to promise. Caption 56, Cassandra Steen Interview - Part 3. Caption 16, Cannelloni - mit Jenny - Part 1.

Caption 56, Berufsleben - Probleme mit Mitarbeitern - Part 1. Zu verwirrt, um zu widersprechen , tat der junge Mann, was man ihm sagte. Ansprechen means "to address" or more colloquially "to bring up a matter" or "to appeal to a person" and is a separable verb.

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Take a look at the examples below:. Bevor ich die Sitzung unterbreche, muss ich noch folgenden Sachverhalt ansprechen. Caption 2, Wincent Weiss - Feuerwerk. Which people are you addressing , who comes here to learn and what can people be taught here?

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Captions , Lokalhelden - Art House - Part 2. Further Learning Here you can find a list of verbs that involve sprechen and information about whether they are separable or inseparable. Strong verbs have a stem-vowel change in one or more tenses, for example in the simple past or present tense. In other words, they are irregular. The participle accordingly ends with -en :. Caption 39, Eva zeigt uns - wie man Kaffee kocht. And I enjoyed a very comprehensive marketing program at a very renowned university.

In addition to the city bike, above all, the Innsbruck card can be recommended for the exploration.


Caption 20, Traumberuf - Windsurfer. Caption 35, Hell - Science-Fiction-Kinotipp. Caption 20, Grete - eine Freiwillige in Israel. Captions , Bundesregierung - Der Tomatenfisch. You may, however, be less familiar with the separable verb ankaufen. It is very similar to kaufen "to buy" , but has a very specific context related to a person or a company that offers to buy items on a regular basis:. Der Juwelier kauft Gold an. The jeweler buys gold.

The car dealer buys used cars.

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The separable verb aufkaufen can be used to mean "to buy up" or to buy in large quantities:. Caption 6, Jonathan Johnson - Herr von Eden. The verb aufkaufen is also used when a company takes over or acquires another company:. You are already familiar with adjectival possessive pronouns : instead of saying " the man's black hat" you may say " his black hat," etc. Die Nordsee. As you see above, non-animate nouns follow their gender equivalents in German, but in English both are translated as "its" rather than "his" or "her.

For each one of us, the New Year brings its own very [unique] challenges with it. Caption 2, Angela Merkel - Neujahrsansprache.

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  • With changing tides, the intertidal zone is continuously altering its appearance. As you see in the examples above, German does not have a unique possessive pronoun for neuter nouns, but instead reverts to the masculine pronoun sein. As you see, seine was translated to "her"—not "his"—in this case, because only "her" is correct in English. Caption 12, Jahreszeiten - Der Sommer. It seems that temperatures below freezing will not return for a while, so it's time for many people to get outside and work in the garden.

    https://akbclub.ru/components/site-de/zala-site-rencontre-virtuelle.php His life consists of the plants that he lovingly tends around his little house and the seeds that he gets from them. Caption 26, Bundesregierung - Der Tomatenfisch. Caption 1, Piggeldy und Frederick - Unkraut. People who live in the city can start planting flowers and herbs on their window sills and on their balconies.

    Captions , Filmtrailer - Der kleine Rabe Socke. The neuter noun das Band has the largest variety of applications and possible translations:. Caption 57, Frankfurter Flughafen - Flugzeugschlepper. Caption 35, Porsche - Der erste Porsche. Caption 91, Lokalhelden - Mini-Airplane - Part 2. Caption 9, Pankow - Rolling Stones des Ostens. Caption 23, Lokalhelden - Art House - Part 3. Caption 29, Eva Croissant - Interview - Part 1. However, larger numbers are treated differently in standard German. Note that in the above, the verb werden is conjugated for a singular subject as wird , rather than the plural werden that you might have expected.

    That's because the core subject of the sentence is the singular eine Million , not the plural die Menschen. As a rule, it's just good German to use eine Million and larger numbers in the singular as that is standard usage, but an article on the topic of the German Duden dictionary states that der Plural wird aber auch akzeptiert. On Yabla German , you have probably come across these three words, which are most often all translated as "different. The following distinction is to be taken with a grain of salt, but may be helpful:.