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Will the goblin party become the heroes in a delightful twist? Will Rou instead become a dark overlord dominating everyone else? The plot is really good.

The monster-protagonist fights powerful beasts above his level from orcs to cyclops. The novel also hints at kingdom building as the goblin base slowly improves and the population increases dues to monsters immigrating. However, kingdom building is a small aspect of this story and at times it can feel like a slow build. One of the biggest pleasures of the novel is the anticipation of the protagonist's evolution- what monster is he going to evolve into?

There is a clear plot and harem-style romance.

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If you're trying to find a light novel with that includes themes of self-improvement, upgrades, and evolution, then you've found it! This is a story of a parallel world where a girl would be perfect probably if it weren't for just one weak point. The story is a fantasy comedy with magic, dungeons, a hero, and a demon king candidate. The protagonist is so feared by everyone that making eye contact with a dragon would send it shivering see how OP she is?

The plot focuses mainly on the protagonist's daily life and her adventure, so it meanders a little bit. One of my favorite parts of this novel is the comedy: the protagonist's silly actions counter a tense and serious situation. The action scenes in the novel are a bit soft, since the comedic aspect is more important. If you want a fun and lighthearted novel, then I recommend this book. Kamishiro Homura is a hero who once exterminated a world invader that destroyed the entire world's military all by himself. His extreme strength caused the world's influential people to ostracize and exile him from the society with false accusation of being a traitor.

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A few years later Homura enters the magician academy. He protects the girls ridiculed as the "Burden Platoon. Not a single ally or enemy can keep up with him. Eventually he will even be proclaimed a messiah by the whole human race!

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I haven't yet finished this story, but after the first few chapters, the male protagonist is clearly a badass, so much that others fear and wish to control his actions. The plot is fairly simple. The protagonist hides his power as he teaches and improves the lowest-rank students in the academy. The action scenes cheers to the people who love these are very well described. There is also a slight hint of harem romance, but was not fully developed.

If you want to read more action than usual, try reading this book. There is only one Magi Craft Meister in the world. After the death of the last Meister over one thousand years ago, Jin Nidou is transported to another world in order to succeed her. After obtaining the knowledge of the Magi Craft Meister, Jin attempts to use a warp gate but it malfunctions, transporting him to yet another unknown world.

This novel is a great choice for anyone who is into inventions, steampunk, and engineering. The protagonist's overpoweredness revolves around his ability to build anything using his special knowledge. He also owns an island where he developed the inhabited lands into farms. The plot consists of related, interconnected short stories each volume involves an entirely new setting and plot. The story is fast paced and mostly involves the protagonist aiding different characters in each volume.

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There's no clear romantic element in this novel. I guess if you want a story with mecha and inventions, this is the one you should read. Katsuragi Daichi and his classmates suddenly find themselves in a different world. The god who summoned them divides its power and gives it to them, saying that it wants Daichi and the rest to defeat the Demon King as heroes. However, Daichi is the only one given no abilities. Eaten by a demon, Daichi loses consciousness and believes he is dead. When he awakens he notices his stats are much higher. Every time he dies, his ability powers up.

This is a tale of resentment and revenge.

Playing in the Light: A Novel

The story gets good when the protagonist, who was once very weak, gets killed with a classmate and is left to die. Instead, he is resurrected and gains magic powers stronger than the strongest magician. The action scenes are great. Additionally, though the protagonist's personality is reasonable, some sudden changes in the character are misleading and confusing, and sometimes he acts in ways that are not appropriate to the situations. I can summarize the romance in 3 words: "harem over time.

It is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead it is a technology of reality since ancient times.

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Supernatural power is systematized through magic, while magic becomes a technical skill like engineering. This is a story about a defective elder brother who is a low achiever and a perfect, flawless younger sister who is a high achiever. After both siblings entered a Magic High School, the stage of daily turbulence was unveiled! The beloved brother of many has arrived. The protagonist is powerful with several identities as an inventor, soldier, etc and calculating, but somewhat hides his power for one particular reason.

The plot deals with shifting perspectives and involves the protagonist's struggles in his high school and with society as he tries to fix them without revealing his "true" identity. He and his sister both have their share of romance. The actions scenes are probably one of the most exciting part on this novel aside from the protagonist's "surprises". Though some parts get a little confusing due to the heavy and complex discussion on magic and its application, readers can still easily enjoy the flow of the story. Recently, an anime adaptation has been made based on this light novel.

Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly noticed that he was thrown into another world wearing casual clothes at level 1. He gains a high level and many treasures after using a 3-time-use disposable magic spell, Meteor Shower, once.

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He meets three beast-kin girls, beautiful purple and black-haired sisters, and an eccentric blond-haired elf girl, along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasionally fights with demons and demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story.

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The story primarily involves the use of game elements in a fantasy setting. The protagonist is very powerful. He manages to fight off a superior dragon and kill a god when he's at level 1. To top it off, he hides his ability and identity to a certain extent. The romance is harem-style, though the protagonist himself only pursues one lady. Plot is somewhat repetitive, which makes it quite boring at times as the the character gains a new power or ability, fighting new monsters and enemies, and finally gets rewarded with prizes or a title.

This novel is great for reading on fantasy and adventure lovers.

A genius magician, to fight against his fate of dying a natural death from old age, grasps at the truth of magic to allow himself to reincarnate with a power he created. The cycle of reincarnation is repeated multiple times and the magician is in his 31st reincarnation. He becomes a boy named Syril who lives in a village of elves.